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'We will do all that we can to insure that your horse is safe and healthy and becomes part of our horse family.'


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Our Facilities

Main Barn

The Main Barn
It is 8,000 Square Feet! Housed here are our main feed prep room, our office, one of our tack rooms, a tool room, two large wash pits, tacking and grooming areas. Each horse has an individual stall equipped with mats. Each stall is very large ranging from 12’ x 12’ to 12’ x 18’. This ensures your beloved horse will have plenty of space when not in the pasture. Our house is also on the property. We provide 24 x 7 supervision, security and care!

Feed Barn A Pasture Barn
Each animal has their own feed stall! There is no fighting over food. Each stall has mats on the floor, clean water, and all stalls are lighted! These stalls are located within the pastures so the horses don’t have to be led or transferred to another location at feed time! There is a tack room conveniently located near each pasture.  We feed only the best Purina Equine products.  We also supplement their diet with Micro Vet for trace minerals, and Farrier's Formula to grow strong hooves!
Riding area

The Riding Areas
Our 160 X 90 ft Riding area can be configured for any riding discipline. It features equine footing, superb drainage, and a soft surface for the safety of you and your horse.  In addition, we have a 60 ft. in diameter round pen for training/longeing. Our large arena has lights!  It's the next best thing to an indoor arena

NEW—Full sized 20 X 60 meter Dressage Arena

Turtle Pond

Our Perimeter Trail
Our perimeter trail includes a trip by Turtle Pond. It is stocked with Bass and Bream! The turtles got there on their own!  Also, we are minutes to Cane Creek Park and convenient to Mecklenburg Hounds Riding Facility.

Fence Safety and Security
All gates have double latches, safety chains or both. This provides easy access for you and secure containment for your horse.  Keeping our commitment to safety, we house all horses in equine grade white PVC fencing. This fencing is electrified with seven tiny strands of wire contained in the tape suspended from the fence. This containment technique will protect your horse from wood or wire injury. We have a secondary perimeter fence if he escapes the primary containment fence.



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