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'We will do all that we can to insure that your horse is safe and healthy and becomes part of our horse family.'


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Care for your Horse

Each animal entrusted with us will be provided with a clean, safe, and comfortable environment.  Kibler Shamrock Farms will limit the number of animals that live on our acreage to insure that each horse receives lots of love and individual attention.  The health and happiness of your horse is our top priority.  

In addition, our attention to detail is seen throughout the farm

Safe Grounds Safe Grounds
All trees in pastures are trimmed to 10 feet above the ground to prevent injury.
Healthy Water Healthy Water
All water troughs, water buckets, and feed buckets are washed regularly to maintain pristine conditions. A horse’s health depends on a plentiful source of clean, fresh water. The well being of your horse is in the details! Can you see the heater in the bottom of the trough? That keeps the water warm and fluid during our cold winter months.
Software Records Management
We use state of the art computer software to record your horse’s vital statistics. We track immunizations, Farrier visits, and Vet visits. We keep a record of all medications required, when they were administered, and why. We track any allergies you animal may suffer. We do regular worming three times per year with Quest Paste and once a year with Quest Plus. We have a list of immunizations that we require all horses to have in the Spring and in the Fall.



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